Off The Market: Diet Pepsi’s ‘Skinny Can’

You know the old saying, “Short cans make you look fat.” Luckily, Pepsi has thought of a way around this problem by creating new Diet Pepsi ‘Skinny’ cans!  According to the press release, these new, slimmer cans won’t hit the shelves until March, so here’s our exclusive review of the product, months before it hit the shelves:

Diet Pepsi now comes in a new can. It’s exactly the same ingredients, with the exact same amount of fluid ounces. If you love Diet Pepsi but hate regular sized cans, this is the product for you!

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    • Martha M Geolfos

      I LOVE the skinny cans. Please bring them back! Did they make a regular one? Blue can? —or just the white and silver ones?