Parting Tweet: Hilary Duff Is Not Pregnant, Says Hilary Duff

For some reason or another, everyone thought today that Hilary Duff was pregnant with husband Mike Comrie‘s hockey baby. But she’s not. Oh well. Still, that’s a pretty sad rumor to have to dispel on Twitter. “No guys, not pregnant, just a little bloated this week.” That’s what Hilary should have said. Or: “Children who work for Disney get sterilized at 13.” Also good. Oh, the things we’d say if we were Hilary Duff.

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    • flowers

      it’s because Star mag is dumb as hell! Why would she be pregnant when she said she was not trying to have kids yet. Just a couple days ago.
      Annnnnd, How would she be bloated? she was reportedly 7 weeks along – no bump, ya know. I think you need to get a female to write these “blogs” and she won’t have to try hard to not be funny like you.