Parenting Lessons From Teen Mom 2: Don’t Announce Your Secret Relationship On Facebook!

This week on Teen Mom 2, all of the ladies decided to shoot themselves in the foot romantically. Except for Leah, who is simply dealing with some horrible medical drama with her daughter Ali.

But really. Here are just a few of their habits that would be good to avoid as a parent: announcing a new relationship to your ex (that you still live with) on Facebook, telling your custody lawyer that you smoke pot, and getting back together with the guy who called your daughter a mistake. Good times! Let’s see what else we learned.

Kailyn would rather casually date her coworker than have a roof over her head.

Things between Kailyn and Jo have gotten seriously antagonistic. They’re no longer dating, but Kailyn is still living at his parents’ house, because she literally has no place else to go.

However! There’s a cute guy at work who’s been flirting with her, and Kailyn decides to start seeing him, behind the back of Jo and his parents.

It’s easy to see why Kailyn might want some positive male attention. And Jordan seems nice. But she’s about to lose the meal ticket that feeds her.

Why? Because Kailyn decides during the episode that it’s time to announce her relationship on Facebook! People. A little Facebook 101: Don’t announce your secret relationship on Facebook!

Before Kailyn even gets home, Jo and his parents have noticed this “secret” relationship. And they are more than a little upset. Which confuses Kailyn:

“I don’t understand what the problem is….”

Jo isn’t so confused:

“You don’t even deserve to live here. And I shouldn’t even be helping you out.”

Even if Jo is being a dick to her, Kailyn doesn’t seem to realize the situation that she’s in. And paying rent could make her life a lot harder really soon.

Jenelle announces to her lawyer that she is a pot smoker

Ok ladies. Here’s another tip. This is for when you are dealing with anyone in the legal profession: Do not tell him/her that you use drugs.

Jenelle’s mom is currently trying to get custody of Jace. And Jenelle decides to retain a lawyer to defend herself. But then when the lawyer asks her about her drug use, this is what she says:

“I have not touched any drugs in my life. Except marijuana. And I don’t do it that much.”

Um, this is not the correct way to try to win custody of your child, Jenelle.

And will she get clean?

“I would be clean. And I would stop, if I had custody of him.”

Just FYI Jenelle: judges don’t give children to admitted drug users on the promise of “I would be clean.”

So since that whole lawyer thing didn’t go too well, Jenelle decides to just admit that her mom is right and move back home. Nice progress Jenelle. Let’s see if you can stop hitting people now.

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