How Much Does Justin Bieber’s Hair Cost?

Because it’s a grey Wednesday morning and because you’ve always wondered this in the back of your mind: How much do you think Justin Bieber‘s signature lesbian haircut costs? $1,500? $2,000? Actually, it’s kind of affordable.

According to an exclusive with Justin Bieber’s personal hair stylist Vanessa Price in this week’s issue of Life & Style, her house calls to the Biebs only cost the tiny singer $750. But a single session won’t last Bieber even a month.

I usually cut his hair every couple of weeks when he’s on tour…I’ve heard adults joke they were going to take his hair after I cut it. I tell them they’re really creepy.

Oh, and if you want to get the same shag at Supercuts, it will only cost you $14, according to the salon’s artistic director, Melanie Ash.

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