Sex On The Wire: American Apparel Drops Its Naked Chicks

• American Apparel is eliminating “sexy” girls from its ads, replacing the near-nudie pics with super boring photos that Dov Charney took as a child. (Nerve)

• Should MTV be doing more for their teen moms? Like, maybe not putting them on national television? (College Candy)

• Oral sex should be like tai chi. You know: Slow, focused, something your New Agey mom is into. (Your Tango)

• What’s on your sexy bucket list? Might it be getting your toes licked or “the ol’ finger in the butt”? (The Frisky)

• What’s it like to date a personal trainer? Kind of stressful (read: horrible), according to one woman. (MyDaily)

• Threesomes! Fun for a little bit, miserable for all eternity after that. Especially if you’re the “other woman.” (Savage Love)

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