Love Lessons From The Bachelor: It’s Time For The Vampire Teeth To Come Off

This week on The Bachelor, Brad Womack was busy trying to learn more about the girls competing for his attention. And they were all busy playing their little games, trying to snare him with their cuteness, or sex appeal, or tragically killed fiances. But vampire lover Madison had another trick up her sleeve: disinterest!

After a few weeks on the show, Madison realized that she wasn’t actually interested in Brad, and started to feel bad about remaining on the show. So she told him. Surprise! He liked her even more after she that.

The lesson here? Men are stupid. And will suddenly be interested in a vampire chic if she gives them the cold shoulder.

Madison Garton, also known as “vampire girl,” revealed a lot more than we expected this week. First, the fact that she doesn’t always wear her fake vampire teeth! But more importantly: she has emotions!

Oh well, that was a little too much for her. She had to leave.

It seems pretty clear that Madison was hired as an actor to be on the show, and act a little nuts to improve the ratings. She works as an actress under the name of Madison McKinley, and this week, she more than earned her salary as an actor. She got totally emotional when she explained to Brad the guilt she felt being in the house, and pulled out some very convincing tears when she made her farewell.

Unlike most reality TV contestants, Madison managed to elicit some realistic emotional capacity. We would totally hire her again.Vampire teeth, or no vampire teeth.

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