Jersey Shore 3.0: Snooki’s Drinking Problem Is Getting Out Of Control

Considering that MTV’s Jersey Shore is a show based on a foundation of binge drinking, it’s hard to say when a cast member has an actual problem with booze. But during last night’s episode, it looked like Snooki was really in a bad, alcoholic place. In addition to her usual antics, she went on a “24 Hour Binger” and got arrested for being a public disturbance.

As JWOWW notes early in the episode, it’s been awhile since she’s seen Snooks sober. And the episode was sprinkled with hints that Snooki’s drinking is problematic. Let’s just take a look at a few of them, shall we?

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    • celondelon

      She’s a mess the judge was right to compare her to Lindsay Lohan.