Gallery: The Most Awkward Shots From The Golden Globes

Sunday night was The Golden Globes. And while everyone in Hollywood (other than Jennifer Aniston and Laura Linney basically) was out and ready to get their awards show clap on, Ricky Gervais had different plans for the evening.

As soon as he took the stage, he proceeded to bash everyone in the room (and some people who were not in attendance!). If more actors actually did their own stunts, he likely would have received a beating before the show ended. Actually, at one point he left the stage for almost an hour, and we worried that someone had kneecapped him behind the curtain.

But fear not, Ricky Gervais’ agent! Your client survived the night unscathed. Did his career make it through as well? We’ll have to wait and see on that one, won’t we?

However, those of us who watched the awards show were presented with a gift from the producers: a camera that wandered through the audience, capturing all of the wonderful faces of actors who did (and did not) realize the cameras were on them. Click through our slideshow to see some of the best ones, including a best reaction award, which clearly goes to Temple Grandin

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    • celondelon

      Gervais was fantastic Hollywood actors are a.holes with massive egos who should pull their head out of their butts and learn to laugh at themselves for their success, instead of asking everyone to blow their smoke up their ass.