Gallery: Seeing Red At The Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais really pissed people off last night at The Golden Globes. Luckily for them, a lot of people were already wearing red. And luckily for Ricky, those who wanted to take out their frustrations on him were out of luck. Responses to his jabs weren’t written into the night’s scripts.

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    • Kait

      Yes, Ricky Gervais threw out a lot of insults last night. But I feel like the only reason people are actually making a fuss about it is because they were actually FUNNY. So often, other comics (see: Chelsea Handler at the VMAs, Sarah Silverman at the VMAs) have tried to use insults as banter, but have failed. But Ricky’s were true; that’s what made everyone so uncomfortable hearing them. And yes, hearing him rant about Steve Carrell and The Office is old, but I thought he was great. These people are celebrities; people make a living stalking them for photos, writing slander in magazines; an insult comic isn’t going to ruin their night. I though Robert DeNiro’s attempt at comedy was much more offensive.