Crushable Quotable: Natalie Portman’s Laugh At The Golden Globes

Guys! Tonight was The Golden Globes. We’ll have much more coverage tomorrow. But for now, we will leave you with this parting shot. Natalie Portman laughing during her acceptance speech.

She might need to work on her acceptance speech before the Oscars next month, considering that she also talked about her fiance/dance instructor wanting to knock her up.

But get ready for this to be a meme. (And here’s another version, if you’d like more.) Somehow, more than one person I know made a joke about that laugh finally ending their crush on Natalie Portman. Really, guys? The fact that she’s famous and would never sleep with you, and is pregnant with ANOTHER MAN’S KID didn’t get you to that point? Hmn.


I like how Natalie Portman laughs like Charlyne Yi. Get those two in a stoner comedy together! #nextsocialnetwork #hireme #offtwitter

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