Video: The Best Of Gwyneth Paltrow On Saturday Night Live

Of course, “best” here is a relative term. After the Miss America pageant and the Packers game last night, most people probably did not want to stick around watching TV till 11:30 so they could watch Gwyneth Paltrow make gentle fun of herself on Saturday Night Live.

We mean, she was fine, she certainly was no Charles Barkley, but she wasn’t Anne Hathaway either, if you know what we’re saying. (Obscure SNL host humor is the best kind of humor.) We could have done with at least one GOOP joke. Why was there no GOOP jokes? And we were psyched about Cee Lo Green until we realized that no one in America knew any songs of his except F*ck You, which of course had to be performed in its radio edit form, and also at one point as a bar-mitzvah song? Whatever, forget you! Pee-Wee Herman was there! And Anderson Cooper! Time for our favorite clips!

Digital Short: Shots! (With Pee Wee Herman)
Dude is everywhere these days. And is it just us, or does Anderson seem even more effete than usual in this clip? Brilliant, A++, would watch again from user.

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