Video: Lets Try To Guess What’s Going On In This Insane Russian Talk Show!

It’s fun to use our imagination! So even though there is probably some sort of reasonable explanation for this Russian television program – where a woman in a wedding dress gets karate-chopped in the stomach by a man standing next to another woman in a wedding dress, while the audience boos and pelts furniture at a fourth unfortunate dude stuck on stage – we want you to come up with the story that led to this moment. Okay? Lets go!

I’ll go first: This is a program called “Get Me Out Of My Shotgun Wedding!”, in which two dudes pull a Strangers On a Train stunt by having to get rid of the baby in the other man’s fiancee. The loser gets executed by stoning from an enraged audience.

Your turn!

(Via Buzzfeed)

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