Tracy From ‘Jerseylicious’ Gets Into A Nasty Fight – With A Door

Tracy DiMarco, the mean girl stylist from the Style Network’s Jerseylicious, got into a nasty fight this week. But not with mortal stylist enemy Olivia Blois Sharpe. Actually, it was a swinging metal door that left Tracy with this nasty gash.

According to TMZ, the altercation happened as Tracy was going to see Black Swan. But instead of watching the violence on screen, she ended up with 20 stitches herself. At least she got some free movie tickets out of it?

From TMZ:

DiMarco tells us, the door not only cut open her eyebrow — it also sliced two nerves in her face … as well as some muscle tissue.

DiMarco was immediately rushed to the hospital — where doctors sewed her back together with 20 stitches … and put her on extra-strength Excedrin.

Meep! Sliced nerves? Hopefully some excessive Jerseylicious eye makeup can cover that up!

The movie theater is going to pay for her medical bills. And offered her free movie tickets. But chances are, they’ll have to pay for more than that. Tracy isn’t afraid to go after people when she’s been slighted. And chances are the same holds true for inanimate objects….

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    • debby

      i dnt like tracy at all,shes crazy,mean,stupid,selfish and so proud.she a backstabber

    • lil kidd

      Tracy is a b**ch! Olivia is waaaayyyy better! TRacy is just a in love with drama, i hate her

    • sexy mocha

      I like tracy and olivia but i like tracy more because we have similiar ways i am also a master hairstlylist and i she stands up for herself. Love the show