Am I Right Ladies? L’Oreal, Because You’re Worthless

Because You’re Worth It: Kerry Washington

And then sometime in the mid 2000’s, L’Oreal decided to tell us ladies what to think about ourselves. But don’t take it from me, take it from Kerry Washington:

“I don’t have to shy away from who I am and what my gifts are… for example, being absolutely stunning. I mean just flawless. Like I dare you to find one thing that isn’t perfect about me. I dare you. Seriously, I can take it so just dig right in because you are finding nothing, NOTHING. I am clearly PERFECT. Turn off the camera. I SAID TURN OFF THE…

“For me feeling beautiful is about being in my body confidently. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I wish I wasn’t a size 2. But that’s the lot I was dealt to work with and I accept it – I really think every woman that ever lived can relate to that.”

And finally, “Beauty comes from knowing who you are.”

Personal example: I am the person who created a separate Facebook account to find out if three of my male coworkers blocked me. Turns out 2 did and the other 1 is just really big on privacy preferences. I know that’s who I am, but it took L’Oreal to help me realize it’s what makes me beautiful. Update: #3 actually just blocked me.

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    • kongrot

      Your sad attempt at humor hurts my brain! Jesus Christ! Stop trying to be funny!
      This: “They being Gerard Butler. Just now. In this video.” is NOT funny!

    • Gail K.

      Thanks so much for reading! I had no idea my deep sadness was so obvious in my writing – but I’ll be sure to remember your feedback when I cry myself to sleep tonight.

    • Kirsten

      You seem to take a bitter and sarcastic tone with everything I haven’t seen a positive comment from u about anything. Don’t b such a debi downer! Lighten up!

    • anon

      “I’ve always thought Gerard Butler was the poor man’s Russell Crowe (who’s the lazy woman’s David Duchovny)” I love this. David Duchovny forever!