Am I Right Ladies? L’Oreal, Because You’re Worthless

Because I’m worth it. Because you’re worth it. Because we’re worth it. You can put lipstick on a slogan but it’s still a pig, am I right ladies? And if you bleed down there whenever your moon cycle resets- you’re definitely familiar with at least one of these versions.

Because I’m Worth It: Jennifer Aniston

I’ve just fallen in love… with the “Rachel” all over again. In fact, I just went to my hair cutter and asked if she thought I could bring the look back. She told me I didn’t have an appointment and if I didn’t vacate the chair she’d have to call security. When did the SuperCuts guards start going to HUNK school, am I right ladies?

But just how Jennifer Aniston used to be likable, so too did L’Oreal’s tag line. The I in “I’m worth it” doesn’t make any assumptions about you the consumer now on your fifth hour of television for the night, it just confirms the fact that the beautiful TV actress selling you the product is worth something. Like a shampoo endorsement deal and a million dollars an episode.

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    • kongrot

      Your sad attempt at humor hurts my brain! Jesus Christ! Stop trying to be funny!
      This: “They being Gerard Butler. Just now. In this video.” is NOT funny!

    • Gail K.

      Thanks so much for reading! I had no idea my deep sadness was so obvious in my writing – but I’ll be sure to remember your feedback when I cry myself to sleep tonight.

    • Kirsten

      You seem to take a bitter and sarcastic tone with everything I haven’t seen a positive comment from u about anything. Don’t b such a debi downer! Lighten up!

    • anon

      “I’ve always thought Gerard Butler was the poor man’s Russell Crowe (who’s the lazy woman’s David Duchovny)” I love this. David Duchovny forever!