‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Emergency! Cedric Is Homeless (Again?)

Oh no, guys. It’s a reality tv show emergency! Cedric Martinez from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been kicked out of his palatial mansion. Granted, he was just freeloading on Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd and living there for free for the past decade or so. But now he might end up living on the streets again, turning tricks for money.

Actually, that’s a show we would watch.

Apparently, there are some big reveals in the upcoming reunion show of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. According to Life & Style:

Lisa Vanderpump reveals shocking news that her houseguest Cedric, whom she has been caring for since he was 15, has moved out. “Lisa’s husband, Ken, wanted him gone,” an insider tells Life & Style. “So he was asked to leave. Now Cedric and Lisa aren’t speaking.”

Last week on the show, we found out that Cedric was homeless before he met Lisa and Ken. Or so he says. The story he told of living on the streets with his mom (a French prostitute, natch) sounded way more like a mashup of Les Miserables and La Vie en Rose than anything that happens to people in real life.

However, we admire his chutzpa. And we in fact would like to see more of Cedric! So everybody just calm down. There are lots of things that Cedric can do now that he no longer resides in that sweet Beverly Hills mans.

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    • dez

      i knew it was only a matter of time, they have been complaining about him alot lately on the show.

    • Allie

      Cedric can come live with me….

    • Steph

      Cedric is welcome to come and be my permanent houseguest!

    • Marco

      I’ll take Kato, I mean Cedric….

    • Jane

      I think he was a loser living off the goodwill of others. Go get a real job!

    • Bailey

      He’s gay girls, he dated Lance Bass.

    • Priscilla Posey

      Poor Cedric, it’s about time he left. They tried so nicely to let him know that it was time to leave – and every time he would harp on the same sad story; even Lisa said, “it’s time to move on” they were trying to be stepping stones for him – not a “lifetime bed and breakfast.” He’s had ample time to get it together.

    • Shantequisha

      37 year old faggot!!!

    • Vinny

      What a loser…embarrassing…I’m sure he won’t have any problems finding someone who will support him. So many needy idiots out there.

    • TravelChristie

      He is a piece of ….Well, you know, he took advantage of Lisas’ good will…He a dog…I hope that get’s exsposed for the piece of dirt he is!!

    • Shannon

      I LOVE Cedric, he is awesome, and I think he’s right – Ken and Lisa got tired of him, because their egos got so big they thought he was using them, when he was a part of their family for 15 years. It was only when the other housewives (namely Kyle) “told” Lisa to watch out “he only wants his 15 minutes of fame” that Lisa started to become paranoid. Cedric was there for Lisa and Ken for years, he might not have had a dime, but it didn’t matter until the show came along – and I blame the show for the split. Plus, I’m sure he wasn’t getting paid a whole hell of a lot. I think they used Cedric just as much as he used them. Now the show came along, guess what, Cedric can go and Shine and be the star that he is destined to be. He’s young and handsome and the sky is the limit for him. Stop hating on Cedric!

    • fax

      People are jealous of how good looking Cedric is, they’re also so jaded by life and have zero faith in people, that they don’t believe his story. I believe Cedric. Liza and Ken were keeping him to themselves, and the minute the world saw him, they didn’t want him any more. Shame on them! I really dislike how stingy rich people are, they’re freaking billionaires and they’re griping about 1 person “living off them” for a lousy year. They could support the entire city of LA for year with the money they have. Cedric wasn’t a leach, he was a friend who got the shitty end of the stick. Wake up America and smell the coffee.

    • SteveDenver

      I think we’ll hear from Cedric again… when he’s the suspect of a heinous crime.

    • fax


    • daisy

      Screw Ken and Lisa. Yay for Cedric!!

    • kk

      cedic is a lying horrible piece of s***
      he has a family
      he asked lisa and ken for money and threatened them
      lisa and ken had to file a police report against him
      hes a conman!!!!!

    • mt

      That man is 38 years old. It was time for him to stop freeloading. Please how many of you want a 30 something man freeloading off of you. He needs to get a life.

      • Bunny Rogers

        OMG how stupid are you people. You would believe a con man over the truth. Mmmmm….I’m also betting you Cetric lovers are democrat/liberal too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • neenee

        what does being a democrat have to do with this or being liberal your point is

      • mahdee

        Time for Cederic to leave the nest be independent go out into the world Lisa’s and Ken’s did Don’t you want your own

      • mahdee

        Time to leave the nest Lisa’s and Ken’s own children did

        my bad with the first comment mistakes with spelling

    • daisy

      Guess what, if Cedric had money, would you think of him differently?. Damn sure you would. People associate having money with being a genuine person. Not necessarily so. Because he’s broke, he’s trash? Ken and Lisa allowed him in their home before the show, they were friends (Lisa’s companion, her friend). Then, when the show aired, they became paranoid that he wanted fame. He was their first, get my point.

      Camille has friends that she helps – she said so on the show, “I have this Jesus complex” she said. So, then, are her friends free-loaders?

      You have no idea what Cedric threated Lisa and Ken with — perhaps they used to engage in 3-ways, who knows.. Perhaps Cedric was Lisa’s lover, or Kens’ lover. When he left, he asked for money, the cheap bastarts couldn’t even part with a few thousand so he could help himself get a place — so he resorted to threatening them with information he could leak to the tabloids.

      That’s the past – Cedric has moved on – and so should everyone else.

      Stop Hating on Cedric. Shame on all of you!

    • housewifehater

      Finally! at least some people can see what’s really going-on here. Pay Cedric!

    • Richelle

      Cedric asked for a huge sum of money or he would tell all, but there was nothing to tell. He completely lied about his paris life, what a jerk. Then thinks anyone will believe his stupid lies in a book. He is a greedy, freeloader. Wanted everyone to feel sorry for him. Get off your ass and get a job like the rest of us, quit wining about your fake made up sorry life. I dont feel one bit bad for him. The gig was up. Time to grow up and be a man.