Holly Madison Publicizes Her New Show By Bashing Hugh Hefner’s Fiancee

Holly Madison is getting pretty desperate for press for her new show Holly’s World. The show premieres on Sunday, and Holly has been everywhere complaining about things to drum up interest in her first solo TV show. First it was Hugh Hefner‘s engagement. Then it was producers who wanted her to lose weight. And now she’s going for the jugular on Hef’s fiance, claiming that Crystal Harris called her a clown.

E! really makes its stars do a lot of self marketing for their shows, eh?

Last week, Holly explained that she was not happy for her ex Hugh Hefner on the announcement of his engagement – but we’d have to wait for her show to find out why. And then she was trying to raise a rallying cry for herself, because the producers of her new show wanted her to lose weight. Ok, fair enough. That’s a good way to get people to watch your show.

But then today, she’s out attacking Hef’s new fiance. According to People:

Madison, 31, has been reluctant to speak about Harris, but when pressed by PEOPLE, her on-camera sidekick Josh Strickland said, “We don’t really know her that well, but the few times we’ve seen her, it’s been a cold shoulder. We really haven’t done anything to her.”

Ok. Fair enough. But then Holly chimes in:

Madison then jumped in, saying Harris’s true colors can be seen in an un-aired scene. “They really need to show that birthday footage,” Madison says after mentioning that Hef’s gal, 24, appears in an episode of her show “for a second.”

Really Holly? Did you need to plug your show in the middle of this beef you’ve created? Meanwhile, Crystal denies that there’s any beef between her and Holly. Which really makes it look like Holly’s reaching for controversy that will get people to tune in Sunday night.

But she better be careful. Because Hugh Hefner made her. And if she doesn’t let up soon, she might  to lose her invite to the Playboy Mansion. And if this show on E! doesn’t do great, that might be where she wants to go soon.

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