Art Crush: The Best Celebrity Art From BlueWater Comics

If you’ve never heard of BlueWater Comics, don’t get your Batman panties in a twist. Most comic nerds overlook the oeuvre of the graphic novel company, which produces series about celebrities (under its FAME line), politicians (Political Power), and famous women (the Female Force series). So basically, if you love reading comics not because anything interesting happens in them, but because regular stories are too hard to read without the pictures, then BlueWater is for you.

The latest issue from the BlueWater catalog is The Royals: Prince William and Kate Middleton. And though you’ll have to wait until March to read the highly engaging story of two people who looked like they’ve been airbrushed by some guy working at the t-shirt store on the Boardwalk, we’ve compiled a whole gallery of our favorite celebrity renditions for you to enjoy right now!

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