Teen Mom 2 Parenting Skills: Jenelle Evans Doesn’t Mother, But She Does Hit

Guys, last night was the premiere of Teen Mom 2. And if you thought Amber Portwood‘s behavior on the last season was bad, get ready for Jenelle Evans. This teen mom parties while pregnant, breaks an entering, and hits her mom. She’s a triple threat!

Last night on the premiere episode, it was hard to pay attention to anyone else with all of Jenelle’s drama going on. But all of these girls do have one thing in common: codependency issues! Yeah. So let’s see what went down last night.

Jenelle likes sleeping in. And fists.

Jenelle was a real trouper during her pregnancy with son Jace. She drank and smoked pot while pregnant. And wore her bikini to the beach. No matter how pregnant she was. Now that Jace is a wee tot, she continues to go partying with her friends most nights.

“Having a baby at 16 was a lot more work than I expected.” Really Jenelle? What did you think was going to happen?

Apparently, she thought babies were pretty self-sufficient. Because she has a lot of trouble getting up before noon.

However, she really tries hard to take care of Jace the best she can: “I always put him to bed before I go out!”

Jenelle’s mom wants her to be a more proactive parent: “If you’re going to be a parent, then parent.”

Let’s see. How does Jenelle take that criticism?

“Shut the fuck up you vile bitch,” she explains.

Also, with this:

“Obviously you’re not a good mother because I’m the one who got pregnant at 16.” Burn, Jenelle!

Oops. Jenelle’s mom is tired of her daughter drinking all the time and yelling at her while she does all the parenting for her grandchild. Looks like she served Jenelle with a summons and she’s taking her to court to get custody of Jace. Jenelle doesn’t like that! Time to hit grandmommy!

Oops. Did the cameras get that? Yes, Jenelle. You are on a reality show. And will soon be in court. For a lot. But why don’t you go ahead and say this too?

“She better run and hide because I’m gonna fucking kill her.”

Note to Jenelle: Killing is also a crime here.

Meanwhile, in other teen mom news…

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    • John

      That janelle needs a beat down.

    • joanna

      i had a baby at 16 and i was not on a tv show. even if i was i would never had done the things janelle did. i had to grow up faster than i wanted too. but you know that is part of what makes you a better mother. my sons father has never been around and still isnt and my son is going to be 8 years old in june, but we have managed in life. i have dated other guys and my son has told me if he liked them or not and you should listen to that i did and found a great man that my son loves and now calls him daddy and we are married today. partying all the time sucks and is boring and hurts you and your son so to janelle you to grow up and take care of your son because having your mother do it for you is stupid and you miss out on jace growing up and he will hate you later in life for leaving him,