Crushable Books: The 6 Weirdest Subcultures In ‘Freak Nation’

Kate StevensFreak Nation is a strange field guide of our culture’s most unusual collectors, hobbyists, and self-proclaimed specialists. It’s kind of like The Hipster Handbook, if hipsters were simultaneously obsessed with coin collecting (Numismatists), the English language (Grammaticasters), and Richard Wagner (Ring-Nuts). Actually, I can totally imagine that person existing, and being the absolute worst party guest ever.

But Freak Nation does more than just categorize the eccentric subcultures in dining, lifestyle, music, hobbies, et. all: it also provides you with handy notes on how to recognize these types should you ever come across them, as well as relevant buzzwords and anything you may have in common with them. With that in mind, we’ve picked out 6 of the oddest types from the book and provided you with a truncated survival guide should you happen upon any of these freaks in the wild. Happy hunting!

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    • Hermione

      I’ve met some extreme Wagnerites in my youth orchestra and at chamber music camp. They spend their free time pretending to be Valkyries and gods and raving about how they can’t wait for their orchestra to play part of Parsifal later in the season. They listen to opera 24-7 and if anyone says that Mahler was a better orchestrator, they will verbally attack you. They tend to be high school and conservatory students, usually either violinists or brass players. And although I don’t love Wagner quite as much as they do, they’re definitely an interesting bunch.