The 3 Creepiest Ken-testants from ‘The Search For The Great American Boyfriend’

There is a lot of things wrong with Whitney Port‘s new game show, The Search For The Great American Boyfriend. Like the fact that although the show keeps referring to Barbie (as in “Barbie won’t settle for anything less than perfection!”) as if these guys are competing to win a date with a piece of plastic other than the ones that happen to reside on top of Whitney’s chest area.

So is this The City star’s new dating show? Is she Barbie? And is she really basing her dating criteria on how much a guy can embody the stereotype of a metrosexual doll?

Notice how none of these guys are blond? Seems a little weird, considering how that is Ken’s main attribute. But fine. I’ll buy it. There have been shows based around worse concepts (like those where winning meant you had to become best friends with Brody Jenner and Paris Hilton, or date Tila Tequila).

Lets meet our contestants over at! They definitely will not try to slip something in your drink while the cameras are watching, probably!

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