Teen Mom’s Latest Casualty: Farrah Abraham’s Boobs

If there’s one major lesson to learn from MTV’s Teen Mom franchise, it’s this: money and teen moms don’t always mix. First there were major overtanning problems and bad hair extensions. And now Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham has gotten a boob job. Sigh.

MTV has changed the lives of the girls who star in its teen pregnancy shows. And not always for the better. Sadly, the bad ideas for spending that money are probably only going to get worse. And yes, Gary Shirley‘s new clothing line, probably falls into this category.

And for a comparison of Farrah’s new rack, take a look at these photos, taken shortly after she had her baby:

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    • geist

      How about, I dunno, putting the money into a college accounts for the kids?

      What’s amusing is how fake the boobs look. Boobs aren’t perfectly round, after all. And she looked fine the way she was.

      • Meghan Keane

        That is not a bad idea geist. Making teen moms into superstars and giving them a bunch of money they don’t know what to do with makes Teen Mom a really weird proposition for teenagers.

      • Ess

        I also think that putting money away is a really good idea. The girl’s shown that she wants the best for her daughter and to give her daughter a good life and everything that her child should deserve. I just don’t think she would need breast implants. She’s shown her independence and what she is capable of and I think that is a good high self esteem to be able to cope positively and grow throughout all this hardship. Why would you need implants? To attract a partner? Because I think she should find a partner who loves her for what she has already and her confidence and her independence and her “already-there beauty”, not just attracted by what she implanted.

    • melissa

      who cares if she got a boob job lol i think she looks great! and they are fake boobs how real do you think they r going to look.

    • Just me

      Maybe the show payed for them lol

      • Smarter than By Just Me

        You’re an idiot. Did you really laugh out loud or just type in that you laughed out loud?

    • Shari Lee Orgeron

      Leave the young lady alone. I think she looks very attractive. Seems people just love to hate on others who are doing things with their lives and working on improving themselves. She is stunning. Maybe a career in modeling or theater or just feeling better about herself was her motive. Get busy living your life and leave her continue to live hers. She seems more level headed than many of the young ladies her age I know.

      • Bev

        I don’t give a rats ass if she got a boob job…..good for her….i just don’t like the way MTV films them as struggling mother’s then suddenly they’re in the tabloids with boob jobs. Total contradiction.

    • Summer

      I don’t get the girls on Teen Mom. They get paid well for every season they do, but yet they’re ‘broke’ and have a hard time affording things. Starting out, the show 16 and Pregnant really showed how teen moms struggle. I know because I am one myself. But now it’s like Teen Mom just advertises these girls and their babies by publishing them in Magazines, paying them very huge amounts of money a season. Blah- I don’t know I just think it’s all staged. If you can afford a boob job, you can afford to pay for daycare without getting mad because the state isn’t paying for it, and you also don’t need a SS check. Geez.

      • Tracey

        they get paid a lot to do the show… but since MTV wants teens to view it as being hard and struggling they try to pretend that the kids have no money. The girls get paid (from what I heard $60 grand a season) so they made 6 figures in about a year and a half- more than most of America.

    • Brittney

      I think these girls are stupid ass bitches and need to get a life. I feel so bad for the kids because i think the moms had them for the money and for the show.

      • Sheila

        I think that you are being somewhat mean dont you??? First off you shouldnt call them bitches because they are not bitches or dogs or anything or the sort….People like you are the people that have the serious issues!!!! Makes me mad that you can post something so stupid…..You arnt using you brain and to be honest you should watch your words a lil better!

    • Sheila

      FIRST OFF I wanted to say that they didnt get payed that much money and they were NOT payed untill the END of the show………That means that when they were struggling they did NOT get help or anything from MTV…….They were paid like 60 000 for the intire thing I think…..If you look at it that isnt very much AT ALL……

      • Deepa

        all that is true, but it doesn’t mean they have all the money in the world now. instead of buying new, unnecessary, boobs, they can put that money away for a rainy day, or better yet, college funds for their kids. i’m sure sophia doesn’t give a crap about her moms boobs. all she wants is her love.

      • HAHA.

        intire? entire. and they complain of lack of money, get a job, go to school,l take care of your kid, instead of fucking up your life and getting work done just so you look good. what a joke.

      • Jan

        Okay Farrah…settle down.

    • Jan

      Sheila…or whoever you are (probably Farrah)…why do you care so much? You’re either one of the cast members or you are far too obsessed with the show. Personally I think MTV has gone way too far in exploiting these teenage mothers. These girls are sending mixed messages to other teens who see them struggling on T.V. yet offscreen they are buying themselves boob jobs. Teen parenting is no joke, yet this show is just that….a joke.

    • judgemental

      Farrah is just screaming for attention and this sex tape is the worst. She has successfully guaranteed that her childs future is going to be painful. Hope the money is worth it. Majority of people who fall into money spend it way too quickly and I’m betting we see another tape or two in the coming years.