Crushable Interview: Help Keith Fenimore Become The Most Recognizable Man In America, Maybe

Well, I’m a human being, so it’s nice to be liked. But in the same regard, I’m a human being and I’m able to get over things.

Have you had any haters yet?
Not really. Everyone on Facebook and Twitter has been really supportive. But those few people that say negative things, I try to bring them up on my website because they’re fascinating. One guy said he hopes I get punched in the face like Needlenose Ned in Groundhog Day. And my response was “It’s fine if I get punched in the face, as long as my face is still recognizable.”

And look, on a higher level I think everyone has to appreciate what I’m trying to do is pretty clever, hasn’t been done before, and to some degree is working. So even if you don’t want me, for whatever reason, to become the most recognizable person, I think you can still appreciate what I’m doing is interesting. And furthermore? I want to say that I can do it without a sex tape, or injecting an inflatable raft and jumping out of a plane like the JetBlue guy.

Would you make a sex tape if that made you recognizable?
No! And that’s part of the commentary…making a sex tape is the path of least resistance, and it’s for people who aren’t clever enough to come up with ways to do things by themselves.

So how will you measure your success? Do you have a certain number of followers on Twitter or Facebook that you’ve set as your target?

No, it’s more a step process. My plan was to get picked up in some regional press, and use that as a springboard to get some national attention, build up a social network following, and eventually get myself wrapped into the fabric of pop culture. And whether that’s Shepard Fairey-esque, where people are stenciling my face around the U.S. or I’m in the background of 30 Rock and walking by and Wearing my “I’m Keith Fenimore” shirt, I infiltrate the pop culture zeitgeist.

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