How To: Make The Movie Of Tim Ferriss’ Life In 5 Easy Steps

Ok guys. Have you been initiated into the world of Tim Ferriss? This specimen of masculine dominance has brought to the world two very important tomes. Not only did he teach the world to use a four hour work week (Pro tip: don’t read your emails til the end of the day. Did that save you 36 hours? Sweet. We’re done here.) And now he’s trying to transform your body in just four hours. But that’s not all!

His new book is humbly titled “The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman.”

And if the world proves to be as intrigued by Tim Ferriss as The New York Times was today, chances are we will soon be witness to a movie of his life. Here in, we describe how to go about creating this movie. Dear Hollywood producers: You’re welcome.

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    • Drew Grant

      Tim Ferriss is a sex god who knows how to properly delegate daily email time.

    • Chryss Palace

      The sex stuff (15 minute orgasm) is what got me to buy The 4-Hour Body. There is some good stuff in those two chapters – useful illustrations and a fairly straightforward approach from his teachers and trainers – but its really just an introduction – I’m guessing this one of the topics in the book he has researched the least.
      If the orgasm chapters are an example of Tim’s 80/20 rule – what he thinks is the 20% that produces 80% of the result – then I’d say what is in the book is closer to 5%, not 20% – there is a lot more available for both parties than what he describes. I’m guessing that as Tim’s research continues he’ll eventually wind up looking at Lafayette Morehouse, the original source of this information. For people who’ve never seen the information Tim is presenting, it’s a fast way to get started on a very very fun journey.