A ‘Friends’ Reunion Movie: Who We’d Cast

We hadn’t even heard the rumors about a possible reunion for the famed NBC show until today, when Matt LeBlanc confirmed that he didn’t plan on participating. Funny, because of all the people who would possibly benefit from a Friends movie right now, Joey would definitely be one of them.

Then again, Friends was supposed to be about a group in their mid-20s, and since Courtney Cox is currently starring in Cougar Town, producers would probably go for a younger cast. It’s been 7 years since the last episode of Friends aired, and we’ve come up with seven fresh faces that will remind a whole new generation (jk! We’re not that old!) about the show that launched Jennifer Aniston‘s tabloid career, Matthew Perry‘s drug habit, and Courtney Cox‘s terrible marriage choice.
See if you agree with our decisions, and give us your picks for a new Friends cast in the comments!

Friends the Movie


Joey – Channing Tatum

Hot, but once burned his dick by pouring scalding water down the front of his wetsuit. Classic Joey.

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    • Chris

      Kristen Stewart? Zac Efron?

      Those are two horrible choices that make this review seem like it was written by a fourteen year old girl. Jason Biggs looks like he’d make a good Ross and Blake Lively kinda suits the spoiled girl that Rachel was in the early times of the show however certainly not Zac Efron or Kristen Stewart. God no.

    • C

      It’s not really a Friends reunion with different actors though is it… We’ve watched them age, marry and have kids. Going back to 20 would be like going back to see the gang in school!
      Friends- The One With The High School Musical?

      Slow news day, huh?

    • george

      what the hell are they thinking friends movie with NEW ACTORS!what kind of people are they at wbros we want the old cast

    • Paula

      NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO x 1000000000000000….

      Friends is not the same without its original cast … it just wont be good…. nooooo wayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean u can’t get a better cast who know those characters like jenifer, courtney, lisa, matt, matthew and david …. seriously what the hell are they thinking… especially adding kristen stewart i meannn HELLL NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

      if the original cast is not gonna be in it then friends the movie should not be done … which is very disappointing cauz ive been looking forward to it since i heard the possibility of one coming out :(

      STICK TO THE ORIGINAL CAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND DO THE MOVIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!