Am I Right Ladies? 2011: Do or DIET

So you put on a little bit of “December Weight” – December 1987 if you’re anything like me. The holidays, am I right ladies? Good thing commercials are overflowing with diet solutions at the same rate the muffin top is currently spilling out over your jeans. With so many weight-loss options from celebrity-endorsed to lesser-celebrity-endorsed methods, this is going to be the year we turn this ship around girls. Maybe.

Quick Trim – Keep Up With the Kardashian Diet

Do you feel sexxxy? Well, I am wearing crush velvet pajamas and listening to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, go on…

NO, I don’t have the body I’ve always dreamed of. If I did, I’d be out having a nice steak dinner with my sensitive doctor boyfriend instead of watching late night television ads and playing “sex-line or diet pill?” And let me tell you, a couple glasses of Rosé in and this is definitely “sex line”.

Not to be a Negative Nancy Reagan over here, but how exactly do the sisters Kardashian think pills work? You go to a plastic surgeon to “create” the body you want, you take a diet pill when the dizziness, constant shaking and diarrhea seem like the only viable options. How hot can I get? Talk to me in August after I ate one too many enchiladas from the questionable taco truck. New York City summer’s can be killer, amirightladies?

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