How Many Alcoholics Does It Take To Make ‘Country Strong’?

Several apparently, if you listen to Gwyneth Paltrow and writer/director Shana Feste on the subject. First there was Britney Spears, who was the original inspiration for Gwyneth’s character in Country Strong, as Shana revealed in a recent interview.

“She was shaving her head, and I saw how fixated we are as a society in building people up to see their downfall and then the pleasure we take in building them up again.”

Well, certainly that first part is right, I’m not sure how much pleasure we take in building up pop-stars for a second round of fame (unless you count Celebrity Rehab).
But then Michael Jackson died, so he became an “inspiration” as well, according to Shana. And Gwyneth herself claims that both Beyonce and Robert Downey Jr. helped with her role: Beyonce was “‘it’ in terms of a performer” and RDJ told her how to be a better alcoholic.

So if we combine all these people together, Country Strong is going to be a movie about a bald, psychopathic child-toucher who does too much cocaine and dates Jay-Z. Which actually sounds like a way better film than the previews looked like.

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