5 Sexual Fetishes We Hope Don’t Exist In Real Life

In terms of weird Internet porn, I think of myself as pretty jaded. After all, you see one Hentai video of a girl being molested by a tentacle demon, you’ve seen them all. If you subscribe to Rule 34 of the Internet, you know that if you think of it, there’s already a porn about it. Recently, however, a friend shared a story that surprised even me with it’s weirdness.

Apparently a buddy of theirs came home one day to find out his girlfriend was cheating on him. What was the telltale sign? The cups of pudding sitting on the bathtub counter.

“Yeah, she was into sploshing,” my friend told me, as if it was a common thing to be into. But what the hell is sploshing? Against my better judgement, I Google image searched the term, and felt an immediate desire to wash my eyes out with bleach.

But hey, to each their own, you know? Before the Internet, people with really specific fetishes (like furries) lived in shame, never knowing that there were other people out there who also wanted to dress up like a giant blue fox while recieving a blow-job. As long as it’s not hurting anyone, we say go crazy!

Still, there’s a fine line between drawing pictures of your fantasy to post in a forum somewhere, and actually acting it out. And when it comes to things like vore porn, we hope that these fantasy fetishes never cross the line from Internet pictures into reality.

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