Goodbye ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’: The Many Faces Of Patti Stanger

Last night was the finale a great show, Millionaire Matchmaker. Basically, a horrible, stuck-up witch runs around yelling at other horrible rich people while simultaneously hooking them up with vapid gold-diggers? Especially season 4 where Patti’s in New York! We found the best faces of Patti from one of our favorite episodes to as a farewell to the L.A. yenta.

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    • WTF

      A. Her name is STANGER.
      B. You are referring to an episode from months ago.

    • Drew Grant

      Word. But this is just a gallery of faces that she makes, based on that episode.

    • Sonia

      She cracks me up. I love how straight up she is. She don’t cut no bs with anyone. Good for her. Some of her guests are complete morons anyway.

    • Basha

      Wow…Patti looks great in these still shots. Are these taken from video I guess? I wish pics freezed from my videos looked this good lol.

    • pat bender

      Stangler is way too old and haggy to think she is hot Has she looked in the mirror