Video Gallery: Little Girls, Eric Roberts, Audition For ‘True Grit’

While we may have our issues with Hailee Steinfeld, it’s undeniable that the 14-year-old put on a fine performance in the Coen Brothers latest film, True Grit. In fact, it’s hard to appreciate just how good she was until you watch hundreds of clips sent in the directors by girls around the world hoping to score the role of Mattie Ross. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cringe…they’ll make you want to sign up for regional theater classes. Enjoy.

I hope they didn’t rent the horse just for the audition.

The great part about digital film is that you can go back and do as many takes as you want. This was hopefully not the best of the lot.

Making Mattie British was an odd choice.

I would have paid my $10 just to smack this girl in the head.

BONUS: And here’s Eric Roberts, who apparently sent in an audition tape as well for the role of Lucky Ned. He didn’t get the role.

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