Wait. Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Goofy Persona Making Us Like Her?

Is Gwyneth Paltrow turning over a new, slightly tolerable leaf? I found myself chastising a friend this weekend when he immediately dismissed Country Strong with an easy Goop joke. I watched horrified as my mouth formed the following sentence:

“Hey, she was actually pretty great at the Country Music Awards, and on Glee!”

When did I start defending Gwyneth?

Maybe it comes down to a desire to be contrary: If everyone hates Gwyneth Paltrow, then maybe it’s cool to start liking her again? At least, that’s why Gwynnie herself seems to be banking on while taking a slightly different approach to her own image. Though she hasn’t stopped talking about clean spaces in Barcelona or how to stuff an organic free-range turkey, she is taking some goofier risks:

First there was that Cee Lo Green cover of “Forget You” on Glee, and last night she and Jimmy Fallon dressed up for the second time as the faux R&B group Shazzazz.

And now we learn that Paltrow will be hosting SNL, and Cee Lo will be her musical guest, which doesn’t hurt the rumors that the actress will be going into the studio to record an album with the singer.

Which is really the brilliance of Gwyneth’s approach to her music career: making fun of herself before anyone else gets to. It was easy to sneer at her when she seemed snobby. It’s harder to sneer at someone who is just having a good time, which appears to be what’s going on now. Though the real test of Gwyneth’s transformation into a multi-talented artist will be the upcoming drama Country Strong. If we can make it through that, Gwen might have a fighting chance back into our hearts.

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