Crushable Books: Excerpts Of ‘A Shore Thing’ By Snooki

Much ado has already been made about today’s release of A Shore Thing, the second book to be ghostwritten for a member of the Jersey Shore. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s Guide To Creeping On Chicks at least made sense as a smart marketing opportunity, despite the fact that we doubt The Sitch is capable of spelling “guido.”

With A Shore Thing though, we had to ask who the intended audience for a novel written by Snooki Polizzi would be. Especially since the entire book is so uncomfortably visceral. The answer is obvious though: this book was clearly written for us.

Though there is a snowball’s chance in hell that Snooki actually wrote this thing, it is an extremely entertaining story about Gia and her friend Bella (there’s also an Edward in here, because why create names when you can just go through Twilight?) and their time on the shore. There’s sharks, gorillas, and juice-heads! There’s also a lot of talk about farting. And “crispy wangs.” In fact, the book is extremely descriptive with every bodily function, something that will doubtlessly provide entertainment to all the fans who turn in to MTV’s hit show every week for their dose of schadenfreude hard-on.

We included our favorite samples after the jump.

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    • radar hifi

      hehe if you’re going to criticize spelling, you should at least be able to use “there” and “their” properly ;-)