Sex On The Wire: Natalie Portman Knows You Love Lesbian Sex

• Uganda newspapers are no longer to make lists of people believed to homosexual. Which means their media is more ethical than Gawker’s. (Nerve)

• Being a little bit fat is now healthy. Finally, science comes around to popular opinion. (The Guardian)

• Is it depressing or awesome that Fargo, ND is one of America’s drunkest cities? (TheGloss)

Natalie Portman knows the lesbian sex is the only reason guys saw Black Swan. (Enterainment Weekly)

• The question is: Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a blowjob? (The Frisky)

• Japanese game shows are now basically Hentai porn. (Buzzfeed)

Kim Kardashian says she used to pray to God in the bathtub to shrink her boobs. (Celebuzz)

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