Gallery: Best Of Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber Hate Tweets

It’s official: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are make out buddies. And now that there is physical evidence, Justin Bieber fans are none too pleased. Beliebers are not so much into sharing their beloved Bieber, as celebrities like Kim Kardashian know. And while we warned the internets in early December that this relationship could be a reality, the photographic evidence is inciting rage on Twitter.

Selena got her share of death threats, but when we started poking around today, we learned that the Twitter backgrounds of these fans were almost as good as their messages. A collection of some of the best follows. (Don’t worry. We saved the best for last.)

BiebsLoveMe, wrote on Twitter, “@selenagomez crazy how you’d do that stuff to your ‘little brother.’ ”

Selena Gomez Kisses Justin Bieber, Enrages 14 Year Olds Everywhere

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    • Christina

      You people are ****ing crazy! Honestly who gives a $h1t who dates who? I betcha if neither of them were famous no one would even care! If they want to be together leave it at that its not like all you Ms Biebers are ever going to get a chance with him your an obsessed crazed little girls who need to grow up and stop acting like imature little brats! Hope you all know that your death threats and nasty rude comments can still be used in a court of law if either of them decided to press charges and come on their celebritys with money what courtcase wouldnt make tv with a celebrity in it.

      • ella

        THANK Y0U!! seriously everybody is hating on her , i feel sad for her :(

      • Maria

        Excacly @christina all you little punk A$$ girls out there that think beiber is yours take another guess. Im sure most of you guys that hate selena now used to look up to and idolize her,and all you girls threating her can shut the f**k up because all of ya’ll are just crazy obessed little brats that are more talk than anything!!! One day your gonna threaten the wrong person and get your A$$ beat and im gonna LMAO!!!!!

    • eva

      Justin BEIBER is a perv
      Selana don’t fall this ugly butt hole
      your way too pretty for him

    • eva

      I hate justin
      He’s a perv Butt head
      selana don’t fall

    • Max
    • hannah

      omg thats so sad all of u fuckin haters r hating on them u shouled be ashamed of yourselfs, all u haters out there r bitchs u fuckin hoes justin and selena r the best thats a fact.!!!!!

    • shannon

      why do hate her! i am not a fan but how would you like it if every one swerd at you? you are all just jealous

    • Anushri

      hi every one please stop the bad tweets . you hert one you hert all