Across The Pond: Thomas Law of Attraction

Christmas in soap-land has just passed. With a battle for top ratings between the main two contenders (Coronation Street and Eastenders), each camp pulled out all the stops to be most watched soap on Christmas Day. This year, one of the story lines in Eastenders involved the exit of Thomas Law, the handsome offspring of the otherwise odious Ian Beale. Since making his entrance onto the Square four years ago, Law’s acting has gone from strength to strength. Watching him grow up on screen as he played his character of Peter Beale with delicate insouciance has been a pleasure to behold. Of course, it helps that this talented wunderkind is veritable eye candy. Perfect sculpted features, mesmerising green eyes and a perennially perfect hair-do (I’m not joking, he never has a single hair out of place) has acquired him a solid fan-base here in the UK.
Comfortable with being in the spotlight from an early age and a model since the age of four, it is clear that this delectable piece of perfection was destined for big things. Being compared to Justin Beiber hasn’t harmed his street-cred either (both Beiber and Law have that strikingly beautiful boyish charm down to a tee, which no doubt thousands of screaming teenage girls will bear testament to).

Since leaving Eastenders for a short break, I wonder what other medium Law will conquer. Having expressed a keen interest in music in the past, he may well use this time to flex his musical muscles.
Turning eighteen only yesterday, I’d like to wish Thomas a very happy belated birthday. The world is your oyster, you gorgeous thing – just don’t stay away from our screens too long…

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