‘Teen Mom’ Baby Drama: Gary Shirley Calls Amber Portwood Sluttish

The ongoing downward spiral between Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood and her baby daddy Gary Shirley continues. Now that Amber is out of jail, the two are swapping defamatory recorded phone calls. The latest? Amber’s cousin has Gary on the phone calling his baby mamma a slut.

According to TMZ, Gary called up Amber’s cousin and talked smack about Amber in efforts to hit on the cousin. Too bad the cousin was recording the whole thing. As the whole debacle between this teen parenting pair continues, they’re both coming out looking bad. Here’s what Gary said:

“Amber is sluttish. You’ve been with six dudes, Amber’s been with f**king a million.”

Obviously Gary’s a little hurt by Amber’s dating history since they split. But the kicker? When he tries to get the cousin to come over:

“If you ever want to piss off Amber, let me know.”


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    • MiMi Davis

      I think this entire situation is so sad. They are so young and still very immature. They things they are saying and doing are based totally on what they’re feeling at any given moment. Not putting any thought to what comes out of their mouths. As we get older we we learn that you should “THINK” before you act. I hate that they have to learn this lesson so publicly. And I’m sure that one day they’ll regret this deeply, especially for their child’s sake ..