Sex On The Wire: Big Beauty

• Here’s hoping that 2011 is the year for plus-sized models like Crystal Renn…just like 2010 was supposed to be. (StyleBistro)

• When it burns to pee, it might not just be a UTI…(Lemondrop)

• The best flowchart to telling what your boyfriend is getting you for the holidays. (Frisky)

Miley Cyrus goes for the lesbos looks in some recently revealed (or is that revealing?!) photos. (Buzzfeed)

Obama is “evolving” on the issue of same-sex marriage. Good! Because the people who don’t believe in letting gay couples marry also don’t believe in evolution! (Washington Post)

Brian Lichtenberg‘s $1,200 “gizmo” skirt was too terrifying to exist in reality. (The Gloss)

• Dude, we were just wondering what the hell happened to OB tampons as well! Uh…last week, we mean. (Jezebel)

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