What Was The Most Viral Post Of 2010?

According to compiled data, your most favorite trend of 2010 definitely had to do with Chat Roulette. No d’uh: you guy loved Chat Roulette this year.

Although end of the year lists always seem to skew towards the more recent, we can 9-11 never forget the memes that took place in the earlier part of the year, back last January-March. This was pre-Chilean miners, pre-Antoine Dodson, and pre-Angry Birds. This was the time when Chat Roulette was king. Remember when we all found out that it was some 12-year-old in Russia? Crazy times!

And according to Buzzfeed, their most popular post by millions (millions!) would by the 24 Best Shots of Chat Screenshots (NSFW). Next to that, hipster dinosaurs falls far behind at 6th place. Sorry, Hiposaurus. Maybe next year.

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