College Life: The Sad Reality That You Are Never Going To Get Vacation Again

When I pen an article for Crushable from the perspective of a college senior each week, I try to be topical, insightful and incisive. I try to write about things that bother me about college or, on occasion, I try to dispense some light-hearted advice about the bubble that is living in the American university. This week, as I hustled to finish a senior thesis, two take-home finals and a term paper, and finally, tomorrow, begin my work-free winter break, I thought about what I might ramble on about this week.

But quickly my brain turned to mush. I don’t want to tell you to do anything. Because it’s winter break, which I’m never going to get again.

Of course, most post-collegiate entry-level jobs do provide some vacation time, I expect to kiss my three week-long Winter Break goodbye until…retirement?

As a busy person at my college, my days tend to be packed with experiences that allow me to wax poetic about the ins and outs of the collegiate experience. I’m a pretty diligent and balanced bon vivant of the college life: I go to all my classes and always hand in papers on time, I enjoy staying at the bar until last call on Tuesday nights, I’ve been involved in campus groups and I have a good collection of friends. In other words, although I don’t always do all the reading (oh come, on, neither do you) and I enjoy sleeping past noon when my schedule affords it, I run a pretty busy life and am relatively on top of my shit. (Okay, I’ll admit it: I still haven’t finished my thesis which is due today, but bear with me).

Being busy and involved in college are something I very much advocate, not only will you not sit in your room smoking weed and getting fat, but it’s also obviously good training for the post-collegiate experience, which hopefully will include work, relationships, yada yada yada. You’re going to be busy, and getting into that routine is a good idea.

At the start of every Winter Break, I always tell myself I’m going to be “productive” in some way. I said I’d buy the books for my next semester classes and read them in advance, I said I’d reorganize the files on my computer, I said I’d read all the classics that I’d missed.

But this year, I say: do nothing. I mean, don’t do nothing. But don’t be bogged down by the pressure to be productive. Winter Break is a gift, a gem, and as you approach the end of college, you can feel it slipping through your hands like sand on the beach. Did someone say beach?

Stop trying to be the douche bag who reads all the course material in advance. Sleep late. Eat your parents’ food. Bake things. Teach yourself to cook a good meal. If you get the chance to travel, soak up the place and enjoy it to the fullest without worrying about next semester’s classes and applying to internships and jobs. As inspired by a friend of mine who actually did this, watch all ten seasons of  Beverly Hills 90210.

It’s your last chance to be lazy. Live it up.

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