Why Antoine Dodson Creeps Us Out

Hide your kids! Hide your dignity! Antoine Dodson, known as “That guy who wrote Bed Intruder, but didn’t really ‘write it’ per say, it’s more like he went on a rant and someone auto-tuned it on the Internet, making him meme-famous by default” was on Lopez Tonight yesterday, singing a holiday version of his classic song.

Now, unlike the Double Rainbow guy, I do not feel comfortable with Antoine Dodson’s success. After all, wasn’t “Bed Intruder” originally about a neighborhood rapist who tried to molest his sister? So basically, Antoine is cashing in on the fame from his sister’s attempted raper, and then getting a faux-music career from it as well? Not cool. Very creepy. Plus, Dodson himself just seems really weird, like Jesse the VJ from MTV. Like, his sexuality is less important than the fact that he makes us feel uneasy on the inside.

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