Video: Little Kid’s Christmas Reaction Explains America’s Illiteracy Problem

Hey guys. It’s almost Christmas! What does that mean? Presents! Yess. And just in case you were wondering whether you should get toddlers educational gifts to put them on the right path in life, we have this instructional video of a little boy reacting to his parents giving him books for Christmas.

Just to reiterate: Acceptable gifts for toddlers today include: 1) Electronics. 2) Toys. 3) Candy. 4) More TOYS. You know, when we were that age, we were more interested in the boxes we got than what was actually inside them. We can’t tell if this makes today’s toddlers smarter than us or much, much worse.

Want proof? Just watch this this kid freak out over the books his parents got him. For Christmas?! Tighten up this kid’s PARENTS!

And just in case you were wondering whether this was an isolated incident, here’s a tweet from July to prove that technology is screwing with kids BRAINS:

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