Update: How Kelli Space Is Hacking Away At Her $200,000 College Debt

Last month, we spoke to Kelli Space, the recent Northeastern graduate who is now in $200,000 of debt thanks to her student loans. To hep improve her debt situation, Kelli created the web site twohundredthou.com, where she documented her woes and asked for donations so that she could pay back her growing debt.

Kelli’s situation received all sorts of feedback, with plenty of people blaming her for the monetary situation she’s currently in (we know, we’ve seen her hate mail). And now, a month later, Kelli has raised $8,500 to pay back her loans. But even better, she’s working 60 hours a week and is now partnering with a startup called Edulender to help other students avoid her mistakes.

Kelli still has $189,182.39 outstanding on her loans, but says she has the tools to stay ahead of her payments, which is great. The whole situation is also super smart marketing for Edulender. It looks like the loan education startup gave Kelli $500 towards her loans. And since moving Kelli’s page to their URL, they’re getting excellent advertising for their services.  Check out this graphic on their homepage:

If Kelli had seen some of that information when she was applying for loans, she likely wouldn’t be in this mess now.

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