Torrential Rain In Los Angeles Means Wet Celebs

Oh, Los Angeles. The second there’s any tiny amount of weather at all the whole city shuts right down. Granted, this week’s record-breaking rainfall does qualify as more than slight weather, but it’s still funny to see folks running from the downpour as if they’re confused about what water is doing falling from the sky. (Not that we, native to L.A., are immune to this — we flew home for the holidays over the weekend and haven’t left the house once.) We have learned something out of this whole storm thing, though: neither Joe Jonas, Heidi Klum nor Jennifer Love Hewitt melt when they get wet.

(via WENN, ONTD)

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    • Mary

      The picture of Matt Bomer with his children is adorable, but, the look on his face tells me he is not happy that the photographer caught them. He is VERY private and this was an intrusion since the kids are with him. Luv the photo but must agree that the kids are off limits unless he decides otherwise.