Crushable Quotable: Hailee Steinfeld’s ‘True Grit’ Swear Jar

True Grit‘s precocious teen star, Hailee Steinfeld, brought her trusty swear jar to set. In an attempt to get the crew to stop swearing, she demanded money for all linguistic trespasses — any time “fuck” was used, crew members had to drop in $5 and all other expletives cost a dollar. If you’ve ever been on a film set, you know that stopping crew members from swearing is like trying to stop the Coen Brothers from winning Oscars. As retribution, the crew made Hailee drop fifty cents into the jar every time she said “like.” By the end of the shoot, Hailee had accumulated $350. And what did she do with this lump of dough?

“I matched it and donated it all to an Alzheimer’s foundation.”

Okay, so that’s noble and all, but wouldn’t it have been more badass if she’d used the cash to buy a Wii? (Oops, we owe Hailee a dollar for saying “badass.”) We’re going to say that Hailee sounds kind of annoying, and then we’re going to remember that we’ve never donated $700 to anywhere and feel terrible about ourselves.

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    • LC

      Are you serious? I think matching and donating the funds to the Alzheimer foundation is far more ‘badass’ then buying a wii. Shouldn’t we applaud the younger generation when they do something refreshingly unselfish?

    • Alli

      Hailee is awesome. Chill yourself bc you are really sounding jealous every post you post that involves her.