OSIC: How To Buy Last Minute Gifts At The Airport

Oh shit, it’s Christmas in five days! And you’re rushing home with a hastily packed bag of clothes, wondering how the heck you’re going to do all your Xmas shopping between now and Friday. Don’t fear! Crushable has got you covered . Over the next few days we’ll be putting out a series of last minute gift guides for all stages of gift-less desperation. First up: the airport.

Portable shrink-wapped t-shirt: These unisex shirts are folded up into compact squares and fit right into a backpack or a purse. An iron will quickly pull out the wrinkles, though the shirts look pretty cool all scrunched up.

Good for: Your college freshman sibling, your adventurous best friend or even your business-trip-taking uncle.

Cologne: A quick and easy way to bring home a super-nice gift. And it’s duty free to boot!

Good for: Your boyfriend. He’ll feel like a big shot and you can stop pretending you like the smell of Axe.

Calculators, stationary, notebooks, etc.: Cute office supplies are an airport staple (no pun intended).

Good for: The nerds in your life. Aka, your super-organized best friend, engineering major brother, or little cousin going through her poetry stage.

Books: Books. We don’t need to explain the concept of books, do we?

Good for: Mom, Dad, cousin, Santa Claus…. Everyone! But be warned, anyone you buy that Tucker Max book for will instantly hate you for life.

Electronics: Video games, headphones, cell phone accessories.

Good for: Your Secret Santa — there’s something at every price range.

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