Celebrity Lookalikes: Casting An IRL ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’

Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas is our favorite holiday tradition. Every Christmas Eve, the whole family gathers around the TV to watch Lucy skate, Schroeder bang out a piano rendition of Beethoven, and Charlie pick out the saddest little tree in the world. We have all the words memorized and even try to emulate the wacky dances (quiet, you!). With Charles Schulz‘s masterpiece in mind, we decided to cast the real-life players in our ultimate Xmas fantasy.

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    • Kristin

      Lucy is the brunette, Sally is the blonde. You have it wrong.

      • Cristina

        She has Snooki on the list, what do you expect? None of them are even in the same age range. Haha.

    • gene

      Peppermint Patty didn’t exist when A Charlie Brown Christmas was created, in 1965. Charles Schultz didn’t dream her up until a few years later. There was regular Patty, though. She was sort of a nondescript boring blonde with a blank personality. She generally disappeared from Peanuts cartoons soon after. I guess she should be played by Alison Sweeney then.