Questionable Choices: The Situation Does Air Splits For GQ

Mike The Situation Sorrentino is obviously ripped. And the “Situation” of his abs may be the majority of the reason he’s become such a famous personality. But we’re at a loss when it comes to this shot of Mike doing air splits for December’s GQ Men Of The Year spread. (And we mean spread literally, as you can see.) What do you think: Is this image of The Sitch flattering or terrifying?

Sitch tweeted this photo over the weekend. And obviously he looks totally ripped. And since that ab Situation is his money maker, that’s smart. But also, we’re pretty terrified of that image. Did he pull something doing that move? Does he have a troubled Situation in his crotch after doing that?Also, where were these skills when he was sucking on Dancing With The Stars last season?

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    • CurlySarah

      I think he’s a d-bag, and I don’t even watch the show, but I do think this picture is pretty neat.