Sex On The Wire: Notre Dame Football Player Gets Away With Murder

• Prosecutors will not try the Notre Dame student who sexually assaulted Lizzy Seeberg, leading to her suicide. Because god forbid they lose one of their football players. (Chicago Breaking News)

Lady Gaga‘s Meat Dress was voted Fashion Statement of the Year in Time Magazine. And let the PETA outrage begin in 5…4… (MTV)

Kim Kardashian‘s sad New Year’s Resolution: stay single all during 30. (The Frisky)

• A Hooters in Japan? Resisting attempts at making size-related jokes… (The Gloss)

• More fun with making male junk on ice. This time, it wasn’t a penis sculpture, but a giant “snow dick” drawn right next to the Eiffel Tower. (Lemondrop)

• Emma Stone is either really asthmatic or really dedicated to her craft: a recent sex scene for her new film Will Gluck required an oxygen mask after filming. (MovieFone)

• Facebook is getting creepier with “Facial Recognition” photo tag abilities. Can we all agree that Mark Zuckerberg has created SkyNet now? (Urlesque)

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