Point: Xmas Hometown Hookups Are The Best

In the 12 days leading up to December 25th, we’re rolling out a series of “Oh Shit It’s Christmas” features.

The holidays are upon us, and that means all the old stresses that come with being back at home will rear their ugly heads. And what of the local-boy factor? Should you escape the madness of family and take solace in a hometown hookup?

I say, yes, go for it! Maybe this hookup comes in the form of an ex or an old crush. Or maybe it’s your best friend’s little brother who somehow got, like, a thousand times more attractive since high school (ladies and gentlemen, Proactiv). Just as long as he doesn’t disclose any exploits on your Facebook wall, you’ve got nothing to lose.

The great thing about Xmas hookups is that there’s no pressure — you can have your fun one night and get on a plane the next morning without having to deal with a “where is this going?” conversations. And hey — best case scenario, your hookup can get a repeat performance the next time you’re in town.

I totally made out with with the hot guy from high school (sloppily, in a bar, a night without any class whatsoever), and it was awesome! In that moment, I felt completely absolved of any lingering teenage insecurities. Plus, it made a hilarious story for the select few HS buddies I chose to tell it to.

Another checkmark in the hometown hookup plus column is the familiarity factor. Instead of making awkward small-talk over an overpriced dinner, you and your old pal can grab a a six-pack and jump right into reminiscing. And everyone knows that memory lane is a total aphrodisiac.

Local romance this holiday season? Ho ho go for it.

Tomorrow we’ll present the counterpoint to this argument. Have a hometown hookup story of your own? Let us know in the comments.

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    • no mas

      I hooked up with a dude from HS one winter break. And it was gross. He was a total loser, I had just forgotten.

    • Cruising

      Nostalgia is an aphrodisiac. With Memory Lane, it really depends on how your childhood actually was.