Prosecutor Offers No Justice For Lizzy Seeberg At Notre Dame

The case of Lizzy Seeberg, the St. Mary’s student who killed herself after an alleged sexual assault from a Notre Dame football player, will not be going to court. County prosecutors have decided not to press charges with Seeberg’s September claim, despite the 19-year-old pointing out to police the perpetrator on Facebook.

The official explanation for sweeping such a scandal under the rug? All the evidence, along with Lizzy’s formal statement, would be “inadmissible” in court, claims St. Joseph County Prosecutor Michael Dvorak. The evidence in question includes text messages that were sent to Lizzy after her assault, from a friend of the football player. One read:

“Don’t do anything you would regret. Messing with notre dame football is a bad idea.”

Now, this message being sent to Lizzy’s phone is a fact, a piece of evidence. Prosecutors know who sent it, and they also know who Lizzy accused of assault (in grim irony, Lizzy said she escaped that night when the student became distracted by his cell phone). Yet since September there have been no arrests, no public questioning of the boys, and no one pulled off the winning Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team.

But Mr. Dvorak won’t let the courts decide for themselves what constitutes “evidence.”

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    • JKerw

      The players name is Prince Shembo, who (to no surprise), has a history of assault.

    • Pseudonova

      JKerw seems to be on every comment section regarding this story alleging that Prince Shembo, a black Congolese player, is the accused in this case. If you do some googling, it appears that the only place Prince is identified is on white supremacist websites full of racial slurs regarding the inappropriateness of a relationship between two people of a different race. Withhold judgment until the facts are revealed.

      • Brick Duck

        It’s because his lawyer, Power, a Notre Dame alumnus, went to great lengths to have his name removed from most stories about Seeberg, since he was found not guilty. This is to protect both his reputation and his safety. There’s a legal term for this, which isn’t coming to mind right now. But there’s more to it than that.

        The reason supremacist sites are still allowed to name him is actually a clever tactic by Power. By being virtually the only sites out there to identify the player, anyone digging for the player’s name will most likely come across them, where they’ll see all the racism and hatred.

        This serves the purpose of making Power’s claim that the case was racially motivated and that the football player was just a poor, innocent victim of racism more “convincing” to the “digger” (i.e. the person who was searching for the player’s name).

        If you want to see what I mean, check out the quote below from his lawyer.

        “Have you ever read the book To Kill a Mockingbird?” Power asked in a phone interview. Because, as in Harper Lee’s classic, “this young lady was the aggressor.” According to America’s Best Lawyers, Power is the top personal injury litigator in the city of Chicago. Barreling right past innuendo, he said it was Lizzy who “had removed her blouse” and thrown herself on top of the player. And the player? “He put a stop to it, because his parents had taught him that was wrong. It’s all untrue, according to the two independent witnesses.”

        See what he’s trying to do? Race card. Victim-Assailant reversal; demonizing Seeberg, calling her the perpetrator. Absolutely disgusting, and I feel for her family who has to read such terrible things. Yet, no justice was ever brought to the player. You can read more quotes by the lawyer, but be warned, he’s infuriating.